(1) Camomile Tea
(2) Fruit Tea
(3) Green Tea
(4) Earl Gray Tea
(5) Ceylon Tea
(6) Herbal Tea
(7) Fr. Mint Tea
(8) Fr. Ginger Tea



1. Drove through Ghosts to Get Here
2. Await Rescue
3. 23kid
4. Welcome to the Times
5. Mean Low Water
6. Climbing on Roofs (DeSperate Edit)
7. The Big Afraid
8. 65 Doesn't Understand You
9. Radio Protector

_JP Edit
°The Major Cities of the World Are Being Destroyed One By One By the Monsters


+we gotta spread the truth & nothing inbetween

'Did he tell you what?'
'No, he said he didn't feel he could trust anybody,
not any more. Only you. He wants to meet you - your terms, any time or place. Do you trust him, Quinn?'
Quinn thought. If Weintraub was crooked there was no hope for the human race anyway.
'Yes', he said, 'I do.'
 He gave her the time and place of the rendezvous.


Knowledge is the minds' fortress.
We harvest between the senses.

nothing on this page is mine.


'What do you mean...disappeared?'
The cry, shout or yell, in a variety of tones and accents, was within an hour echoing round a Kensington apartment, Scotland Yard, Whitehall, the Home Office, Downing Street, Grosvernor Square and the West Wing of the White House. 'He can't just disappear.'

But he had.


The program for this evening is not new,
You've seen this entertainment through and through,
You've seen your birth, your life and death,
You might recall all of the rest,
Did you have a good world when you died?
Enough to base a movie on.
One summer night going to pier
I ran into two young girls,
The blonde was called freedom,
 the dark one

We talked
and they told me the story.