Foreword                                                      vii

1           The Neva Ice                                                  1

2           White Nights Over the Baltic                       19

3           Autumn Storms                                            80

4           Despite Everything, We Will Break           139
             Our Way Out

5           Our People will Overcome Everything      152

I can't gather full sentences together to express what I saw in the deep web of Instagram. Deeper than the deepest. Here's some more doors.
Also, I somehow like summing up & generalising stuff in numbers and inventories. I had this idea to investigate "a class of interpolation problem over entire functions" meaning, again, summing up the full length content of a platform with three or less functions. At some point I forgot what I was doing/I got lost fighting ads/freaked out on personalised ads.

"war is funded by your apathy"

Is there a way to escape corporate oppression? I guess not.

Also I found a text on my laptop ending by mentioning chewing celery, and how some people have constraints and it feels like chewing on celery? 



1. Drove through Ghosts to Get Here
2. Await Rescue
3. 23kid
4. Welcome to the Times
5. Mean Low Water
6. Climbing on Roofs (DeSperate Edit)
7. The Big Afraid
8. 65 Doesn't Understand You
9. Radio Protector

_JP Edit
°The Major Cities of the World Are Being Destroyed One By One By the Monsters


The program for this evening is not new,
You've seen this entertainment through and through,
You've seen your birth, your life and death,
You might recall all of the rest,
Did you have a good world when you died?
Enough to base a movie on.
One summer night going to pier
I ran into two young girls,
The blonde was called freedom,
 the dark one

We talked
and they told me the story.