Tuesday, 11 July 2017

"They were far from the unhealthy-looking models of today. Backstage, models would read literature while waiting for the show to begin, but today it’s been replaced by selfies. Taking your own picture by yourself or with others has become a way of life. But who am I to judge?"

"Once upon a time, models were far from household names in the United States. Today, they have millions of social media followers and fans of all ages. Not to mention, they are now synonymous with celebrities. They no longer quietly read while waiting backstage; they snap pictures with one another to post across various social media platforms, which receive thousands of views within seconds."

"Now all the magazines and websites all use the same pictures–bland, processed, edited images. For me, there’s no merit in it anymore, because it’s no longer photography, it’s informatics. Post-production has become more important than the shooting itself. Photography, photos-graphos in Greek, means ‘writing with light."

“It’s become too simple, too easy.”

 -Guy Marineau on new media's effect in fashion industry 

See full interview here and enjoy a few of my favourites from his photographs in the 1980's.

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